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2017 Year In Review

With 2017 coming to a close, we would like to thank all of our generous supporters! 2017 has been a great year for the Flaming Fish and seeing your smiling faces at our food truck window is the icing on the cake! With that, we would like to do a year in review!

2017 Year In Review

February: We started our year after a much-deserved vacation.
February: We also debuted our second food truck!
3/16: March Maddness at the Keybank Center and Canalside
3/17: Live at O-Larkin at Larkin Square

April-October: You caught us at Food Truck Tuesday every week!

4/9: Buffalo Untapped at UB North Campus
4/27: We also started frequenting Food Truck Thursday at Niagara Square
4/30: Cherry Blossom Festival at the Buffalo History Museum
5/21: Skyride at Lasalle Park
5/26: Buffalovefest at the Buffalo Zoo
5/29: Slow Roll at the Naval Park
6/4: The Pride Parade
6/: Slow Roll at the African American Cultural Center
6/: Food Truck Rodeo at the History Museum
6/10: East Aurora Music Festival

June 12-August 28 : We started hanging out at the M&T Plaza Series

6/17: Juneteenth Festival at MLK Park
6/24: The Bailey Green Community Day
7/5: Food Truck Rodeo at the History Museum
7/8-9: Taste Of Buffalo
7/23: Masten Jazz Festival at MLK Park
7/24: Slow Roll at Colored Musicians Club
7/29: Queen City Jazz Festival
8/2: Food Truck Rodeo at the History Museum
8/6, 13: Pine Grill Jazz Festival at MLK Park
8/31-September 10: We took a Vacation
9/16, 23, 10/7: UB Bulls Football Game
9/30: Squash Out Cancer at Nardin Academy
9/3: We celebrated our 3 year Anniversary!

We were also frequent visitors at :

Roswell, People Inc, the Keybank Center, FedEx on Cooper Rd, Elderwood, Flying Bison Brewery, City Hall, Elmwood, and many more!

We couldn’t do it without your support! Here are some of the amazing reviews left on our Facebook page

Catch Us in 2018!